Never kill a lead..

Sales is always complex, No matter what age you live in. There are always rules that tell you how to go about it. Well.. ask any successful marketer (or ) salesperson, they’ll say that they had their own rulebook. Something that worked for others may not work for you. So though, one needs to keep away from obvious mistakes, they’ve got to find their own way to success.. Let us share some of our own learnings..

Apart from other departments, sales struggles mainly in the department of pipeline management. So here are few tips that help manage the leads better:

1. Never kill a lead..

Even if a prospect says ‘no’ initially, don’t kill the record. Keep persisting with occassional reminders, mails and occassional friendly phone calls. You’ll be surprised how many percentage of such people would eventually say ‘yes’ to your offering and also thank you for keeping in touch. This is the essence of a salesperson, i believe.

2. More is not necessarily good..

Keep your lead pipeline very precise.. Do not just keep consuming business cards and flooding your pipeline. The percentage of useful leads directly affects the effectiveness of your sales activity. And psychologically too, its better to talk to people who are encouraging rather than talking to random people.

3. Let Customers market your product..

Treat every customer as your sales channel. On a successful sale, just drop in a email saying ‘Its a pleasure working with people like you. Can you please refer more people who’d be interested in our offering’. You’ll be surprised how many customers would lead you to many more customers.

4. Score your leads..

When you’ve got a long pipeline of leads in front of you, its very easy to go through the cycle and start calling everybody one by one. This would generally consume long time and the percentage of misses would be too high. Lead Scoring would help you in prioritizing the list and making sure that every call you make has the highest probability of converting to sale.

These are some of the tips that can come in handy.. Happy selling.

– Satya Narayan

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Followup.. your way to success.

Follow-up.. Your Way to success
Follow-up.. Your Way to success

When a company signs up for a Lead Management System, its typical aim is to increase sales and revenue. Ofcourse.. a lead management system does help improve the efficiency of a sales team, but apart from that, it also helps an organization build a great social impact. What they are doing is that they are creating a great platform for their customers. Something that their customers would love and cherish and recommend to others.

Lead Management has proven to make companies faster and proactive and hence close more deals. Saliently, it also improves the customer experience and helps get more referrals. Here are few of the things that it helps improve:

1. Agility of the organization to respond to the first contact.

Present day scenario.. Customers are used to slow and unresponsive organizations which generally take days to respond to any enquiry. Some organizations can take it as an opportunity to grab new customers by quicker response times.

With a Lead Management System, organizations can easily assign enquiries to right salesperson and start responding immediately to enquiries. Thus gaining more respect from customers resulting in a sale. This would guarantee that you’re one of the first to cater to the enquiry and a step above your competition.

2. Better relationship through on-time follow-up

First contact helps a lot but seldom does it result in a sale. It typically takes 5-6 follow-up to convert a prospect into a sale. According to Gartner reports, 70% of your leads are lost due to inconsistent follow-up.

Follow-up is a process of building trust and relationship that helps you get deals. Unfortunately, this is one reason where most of the relationships are broken.

One of the essential things in a Lead Management tool is to help automate the followups. This helps your customer feel special and starts believing in your brand. Result, Sale.

Relationships are built on promises that you make and keep along the way. At every followup its extremely important for you to know what stage of the sales process, the customer is in currently. Also, you should be totally aware of what discussion you’ve had with him previous to this one. This information would keep you on top of things and you can continue the discussion where you last left.

Once you’re on top of your game, the customer wouldn’t have to remind you of anything that happened earlier. This would again increase his trust and help make the relationship even stronger. The more proactive you appear, stronger trust builds and helps you and customers more efficient.

Lead Management System keeps you and your customers in close reach. Customers would relish the experience you give them and they’d continue to bring more business to you.

LeadSimplified is one such Lead Management System, that simplifies your follow-up process and helps you give the best experience to your customers and clients.