The Bargain

We always do that in here. Its a way of life. Right from milk, snack, groceries, tickets, electronics, apparels, dowry, corruption everything.. Some legal.. and some illegal. But yes, there’s bargaining everywhere. So, our software industry is not far away.

This draws a very thin line between ethics and business smartness.. though, there’s nothing smart about it.

This is a constant struggle most of us face in a software Job. So much so that, its now an expected behavior between employees and employers. So one asks a question.. If you’re one of those self-respecting and introvert-ish souls, how do you tackle this situation? Frankly, we do not have an answer.. yet.

But, hey.. this is not just an employee’s problem. Its as much an employer’s problem too. In our profession, many engineers tend to be introverts, who’d rather leave a company than get into an argument with lesser beings (managers). So both parties suffer in this situation..

Lets try to analyze the situation a little.. The primary items for discussion tend to be around:

1. Salary (of course, guess thats not india alone)

2. Designation (Yup, explains all the nonsense designations that exist)

3. You guessed it.. Going Abroad.

Lets try to look at them at greater detail.

1. Salary

This is a no-brainer. There’s been a time in everyone’s career, where he’s had to negotiate for the salary package. Its almost like a game of wits between the employee and the employer. This happens at primarily two occassions:

a. During joining a company.. typically determined by the past salary, with a raise.

b. Salary review.. once a year, in most cases.

If you’re in one of those companies where Pay is determined by number of years you’ve served this army, well.. you can’t help much. Just got to serve your time or get out of there.

For others, typically, companies do not have a transparent and well-defined review processes. Lack of transparency means many questions are unanswered and things are manipulated around. This typically serves purpose of the Negotiators.

As a company, you need to be avoiding such cases. Let the recruitment and the review process be as transparent as possible. Always over-communicate in these situations. Do not leave a window for bargainers and negotiators to influence the decision.

2. Designation

Well, they found a solution to it. Invent a new one yourself. I believe companies would be going the route of “Invent your Designation” as an HR perk now. Lets leave this discussion before the Chief assistance Designation Discussion moderator stops us.

3. Going Abroad

This is pretty popular. Some do it coz they like to travel. Some, coz they like the extra money. I’m sure this is not the situation in Western Countries, but yeah..they have the reverse problem. No one wants to leave their place. Lets get back to the point.. This is one of the worst kind of discussions. There’s hardly any merit or logic behind this.

In a product setup, it’d make more sense when the engineers would like to get closer to a customer and understand the situations better. But, in other setups, its basically not related to work at all. In that case, its typically an arm-twisting affair. Or in some cases, act as carrots for the managers too.

Ideally, as a company you’d like to have your most appropriate person for the job to be sitting closest to the customer. That isn’t always the case. In some companies, they also have a round-robin way of selecting who goes next. The situation is rather sad.

As companies, you could make it fair by again making it a very transparent and objective decision. Do not use them as carrots. Do not advertise these things during recruitments. But it seems too ideal.

I understand that there’s no solution being suggested here. This is just an analysis of the situation. I believe it top companies want to attract and retain high quality developers and employees, they need to be solve it in their own ways and not let this nonsense creep into their culture.

As employees, well.. good luck.

We’re just getting started with touch apps..

Its yet another post on the touch based tools and apps, but I couldn’t resist. So here it goes..

We heard about the coffee table from gates (Microsoft) a few years back.. The idea was to change the way human machine interaction modes. In layman terms, move away from a mouse, keyboard based interaction to a more natural way of interaction.. (i.e.) through voice, body gestures, pen, touch, etc.

It got me thinking. What happens when people are presented with such technology. How would people react to that?

Well.. I haven’t heard about the coffee table much since. But recently we were presented with a more portable version of it by a gentleman named Steve Jobs. Apple presented iPad to the world. One of the better products that has greeted the market in the last decade and maybe even longer than that. The options of utilization are massive, limited by only one’s imagination.

Here’s a look at recent future with touch screens..

It presents expandable, transparent and easily connected touch based apps. Thats one of the direction they’d move.

Children and Education:

Other area of applicability are children and the whole education and learning space around them. Have you seen a kid with an iPad in hand? Have a look at these pictures and figure out the most natural interface in this:

Obviously the third one with iPad looks the most natural for kids. Kids learn a lot through touch and feedback. With right kind of apps, it can be very intuitive and can change the face of child learning.

Help with Autism:

This also opens up unlimited opportunities to enhance improvement in communication especially for kids with communication disorders. There have been many stories where this interface has helped families communicate better with their special kids.  Have a look at this amazing heart-warming video and see for yourself..

Rural reach:

Owing to its size and intuitive interface, its again a natural choice for apps/services that reach out of rural areas in different parts of the world with low literacy rates. I’m sure with mass production and subsidized rates from government, this can be made available to huge population and large number of people can benefit from this.

Industries like rural healthcare, micro-finance and different services and benefit from this too.. There has been a recent announcement from Indian HRD ministry to launch a 35$ tablet. It may not be a possibility currently but it shouldn’t be long before we reach that point technically..

Looking at the impact that mobile has created in the rural sections, this would be accepted instantly.

This Independence Day..

Lets evolve..


a nation which is struggling for passion apart from cricket.

a nation where education is about producing order-takers.

a nation where money is the only reason you work for.

a nation where there’s still a large percentage of population under poverty line.

a nation which emulates the west.

a nation governed by incompetent people/politicians.

a nation which is indifferent about what goes around them.

a nation that celebrates mediocrity


a nation that cares.

a nation that innovates.

a nation that encourages people to think on their own.

a nation where every individual is educated.

a nation where everyone can afford 3 meals a day.

a nation where passion is the reason people choose careers.

a nation where there are equal opportunities to all castes, religions, backgrounds and present.

a nation that respects people for who they are.

a nation that is free of corruption and bureaucracy.

a nation that believes in excellence

Lets evolve..