This Independence Day..

Lets evolve..


a nation which is struggling for passion apart from cricket.

a nation where education is about producing order-takers.

a nation where money is the only reason you work for.

a nation where there’s still a large percentage of population under poverty line.

a nation which emulates the west.

a nation governed by incompetent people/politicians.

a nation which is indifferent about what goes around them.

a nation that celebrates mediocrity


a nation that cares.

a nation that innovates.

a nation that encourages people to think on their own.

a nation where every individual is educated.

a nation where everyone can afford 3 meals a day.

a nation where passion is the reason people choose careers.

a nation where there are equal opportunities to all castes, religions, backgrounds and present.

a nation that respects people for who they are.

a nation that is free of corruption and bureaucracy.

a nation that believes in excellence

Lets evolve..