Reading list

I’ve written about 100 posts here in last couple of years. Some of the good ones are listed here, categorized.


Working with legacy code

Revisiting is the key

Protect your dear ones

Object Builder Alternative

Inherit or Compose

Better way to comment, code it.

Productivity tips for programmers

How to find yourself a good programming job

Programming as writing

How to choose a software project to work on

Pairing, why it works..

You’re not a developer if you..

The best part of TDD

Team & Leadership:

Teams & Leaders

Team is as good as it’s leader

Guys, we need to achieve whats never been done

Requisites of a modern leader

My people always ask me what to do

Start-up & Organization:

Pitch the dream, not the job

Why I did not build my first product

The new attrition problem

Sprint or Marathon, what’s your model?

Decision making in organizations

Online tools for a startup

Keep an ‘A’ player engaged

Working for vs. Working with customers

There are many others which are equally good and entertaining, present in the archives. Keep pouring in your feedback and help me improve my content further.

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