7 Best Apps for Your Coffee or Bathroom Break

(Guest post By Daniel Ors, Fueled)

Your coworker thinks you’re in the boss’ office getting the promotion he deserves. Your boss thinks you didn’t come into work today. Your love thinks you’re ignoring their texts, and your parents think you’re a senior executive who just doesn’t have time to reply to their emails. Everyone thinks you’re up to shenanigans, when you’re really just taking a coffee break or hiding out in the bathroom stall. Small breaks throughout the work day are needed to keep you focused, relaxed and refreshed as sitting at a desk too long impedes creativity and nullifies productivity. That brief escape can refresh your zombie-esque paper pushing feel into full-blown Renaissance art.

It’s too bad our employers don’t offer periods of recess, but where our jobs lack, smart technology provides a prescient solution. In fact, your next best time-burner is waiting for you in the App Store or on Google Play. Here are the 7 best apps for your coffee or bathroom break:


Instagram may be the best time-wasting app available as it incorporates some of the things we value most dearly in our downtime. When you wonder what some of your friends are up to, follow them and refresh your timeline every time you take a break. When you want to just look at something cool, refresh the Explore page and discover something new. Be careful, though. Instagram’s easy-to-use interface could make it more than a bathroom or coffee break, and turn you into a diligent procrastinator.


Vision boards are great for helping us maintain focus in our daily lives, visualizing our purposed wants, needs and purpose. What if we could take our vision boards with us everywhere we go? Pinterest allows users to do just that. Pinterest users can build virtual vision boards in the by saving or “pinning” products, pictures or locations of things that interest them, breaking their “pins” out into different themes and categories. Bathroom and coffee breaks are the perfect time to build your Pinterest in their app or browse other boards to see what you may find.


Coffee and bathroom breaks are for resting your mind, but that does not mean you have to stop thinking. iAssociate is a word guessing game based on thematic word association. Complete one theme, then move to the next level. Sounds easy enough, right?


Do you like quirky yet interesting lists? Do you want to know something you never knew you did not know? Do you like random yet relevant information? Do you like taking strange quizzes that reveal something about you or your life experience? Take your Buzzfeed experience with you on every break and never miss out on their popular content.


Make your coffee and bathroom breaks meaningful. Use them to make yourself more productive even while taking a break. To-do lists and calendars can easily be muted in the mind, but what about a text from your self? What if you could text future self, and remind yourself about things you need to do, people you should call or just to say hello. HiFutureSelf users can use the app to send themselves messages in the future, and breaks are the perfect time to tell yourself to not forget to do something later in the day.

If This Then That

Managing all your social presence can be a bit overwhelming. Update your status on Facebook. Send a tweet. Change your profile picture on that. Switching back and forth from one to the other can be a real pain, but with If This Then That (IFTT), you can bring order to your social chaos. Use your bathroom or coffee break to change your profile pictures across networks or blast updates to followers on different social apps simultaneously.


Watercooler talk can be overwhelming. There’s always a show someone saw, article someone read or blog someone visited to be aware of. Frankly, it can be too much to handle on your own, so save all your content for a look later with Pocket. Categorize and organize your content in one bathroom or coffee break and go back to check it out later.

Your brand could be the facilitator of the next go-to app for coffee and bathroom breakers everywhere. Fueled has the expertise and experience needed to craft powerful, useful apps that will keep users engaged and give your brand exposure.