Bolo launched in 5 hours..

Bolo is a new app that I’ve created that helps parents record interesting voices to animal pictures and play them for their kids. Well, technically, the kids could do that too. So, all in all, fun.

It started on friday morning.. Was playing with my son and found some apps which make animal sounds. The sounds aren’t the best in most of those apps, to say the least. So I started making some noises myself and my son loved it. Well, the sounds were still not great, but he loved it being performed live. Hah, I’ve defended myself now.

Gave me an idea, why not make an app where parents could fill in for animal’s voices. Then start playing with their kid, making noises live and being played back. That’s how ‘Bolo’ started.

Bolo in hindi means ‘say’. So thats what it does.

Development started Friday night. Saturday Afternoon, it was pushed to the market. (Of course, I slept for a while too.)

Technical details :

Contains a simple ViewPager Activity and FragmentStatePagerAdapter. Recording and Playback is done using MediaRecorder and MediaPlayer apis. There’s not much to say apart from that.

It is available in Google Play Store here.

The pictures are taken from and modified using Instagram’s android app.

Hope you have fun with it. Do let me know if some addition could improve the experience.

Here are some screenshots:

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