When you can’t differentiate..

How do you differentiate one work from another? The real involvement lies there.

We generally come across many people who’re statistics driven.

people who look at numbers and make future predictions..

people who look at some random percentages and make judgement on other folks..

people who read numbers and assume they know the story.

Well, a Dravid’s century is a lot different from Sehwag’s century which is lot different from a Steven Waugh’s century. But statistically, they’re only centuries. You can’t differentiate based on that.

For people who know less (or care less), those figures and stats are all they need to know.

For people who care, or really interested in stuff, they go beyond numbers. Infact, numbers don’t matter to them at all. They can genuinely differentiate one stuff from another. Good from bad, bad from ugly, what’s the next line.. nevermind.

When you can’t differentiate one person from another, one company from another, one music from another, and need stats to help you make decision, well.. you’re basically ill-informed and paralyzed in some way. Go get more information. Talk to people. Learn about things.

When you can’t differentiate, don’t make decisions. Either learn about it, or leave it to professionals.