‘Find the Blind’ renamed to ‘Find the Light’

Find the Blind, the project to help doctors and health workers detect and treat children at early stages of vision related defects, has been started and following are some updates on the progress of it..

1. A more positive outlook.

‘Find the Blind’ has been renamed to ‘Find the Light’.  There were many suggestions regarding the name ‘Find the Blind’ which sounded inappropriate and negative. Though it conveyed the context of the whole project, the communication carried a negative tone about it. Since the project is such a positive initiative, the name has to do the due justice to it. Hence came ‘Find the Light’. The name is self-explanatory and conveys the context beautifully as well.

2. Tremendous response on the introductory post

We received tremendous response on the introductory post, which is extremely encouraging. Couple of our dev folks have shown interest in contributing to the development of the software. Thanks for the encouragement, and we hope to see many more contributions in different forms during the course of the project. In continuation to this effort, we’ll try to keep posting update on the progress.

3. Progress on the software

Here are some screenshots of the app so far.. in a very nascent stage.

Note for contributors:

If you’d like to contribute in anyway possible to this, please write back to me at satya[at]satyanarayan.in stating the way you’d like to contribute.

We’re looking for contribution primarily in the following areas:


1. Developers on android/python/django platform.

2. Architects to help review the solution design.

Financial Sponsorship:

3. To procure hosting environment. We’ll probably go with EC2.

4. Android devices. One tablet with GPS and one/two smartphone.

Social Project Execution

5. We’d need some project co-ordinators to help with the social activity.