Keep an ‘A’ player engaged

In my previous post An ‘A’ player in ‘B’ team, I touched upon few options that one has when he’s put in an average to sub-standard team. One of the options was to leave for a better option.

As organizations, you want more and more ‘A’ players. They’re the guys, you can throw into any situation knowing that they’ll take care of it. They sniff opportunities when others are pondering over the problems. They bring energy and momentum even when situations seem dark and bleak.  Its hard anyway to find one, when you do.. letting them go is obviously not the wisest of  things to do.

Typically, they struggle in larger organizations because of all the politics/bureaucracy that precedes any decision making process. And the word ‘process’ itself is kind of a metaphor for killing innovation within the company. People are mostly rewarded for doing average work, not extra-ordinary things. It discourages a good talent to keep engaging himself in company’s growth and activities.

So, what do you do.. to retain them, and keep them engaged.

1. Give them some space.

2. Opportunities to innovate.

3. Accept failures.

4. More responsibilities to execute.

5. Provide them good team to nurture and guide.

6. At times, keep them away from the bureaucratic BS.

7. Pay well. Don’t restrict them to bands.

The list is not exhaustive, but certainly ample to help you retain him long enough. As is generally said, a good programmer can be ‘X’ times more productive than average one (with X ranging from 10 to 100.. and at times infinity too).

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