the new attrition problem..

Top companies are having a new attrition problem.. with start-ups. Many of their top developers, are choosing to work with smaller companies, even for lower pay (at times no pay). The primary reason being the challenge and innovation that comes along with being associated to a start-up.

This is not really a problem, actually.

They’re creating a brand for you. And, at the rate that start-ups fail, may always come back too. In either case, they’re an asset to your organization, irrespective of whether they’re with you or not.

1. They increase your brand value (for developers)

It tells other developers that this is the company that gives enough confidence to be able to start on your own. After my first start-up, I was looking for a company where I could feel more at home. I chose Thoughtworks at that time, specifically for the same reason. The culture, thought process and perception is very entrepreneurial. That is the reason I could take the plunge again into starting up. Had that not been the case, I’d have worked at an uninspiring place, killing most of what confidence and imagination, I had left at that time.

2. They form the ‘culture’ within the organization

Entrepreneurial behavior is very contagious. People who exhibit those behavior tend to be leaders. They inspire, motivate, act accordingly and form the basis of your org culture. They drive innovation at workplace and positivity just oozes out of their personality. All these traits are not bad to have in an organization.

3. They’re resourceful and get stuff done

Goes without saying. They might not be the smartest employees but they’ll certainly get stuff done. All they’d require is some autonomy and space to execute things.

4. When they go out, they spread the word.

An organization could actually boast themselves of the number of entrepreneurs they’ve produced. Many of the top management and technical institutions also struggle to state that.

In all, if people are leaving you to start their own companies.. don’t stop them. In fact, encourage them to do so. Create that as a norm and you’ll see the effects in your regular day to day transactions too.

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