Extending the Joel Test..

I’m sure everyone’s read The Joel Test. Its a very scratchy and effective way to know the quality of a software team. The article is about a decade old and primarily focuses on the technical aspects of a software team. In spite of its age, it is very relevant to companies in the current era too. If you’re looking to join a software company, its handy to have this checklist and use it to measure the team’s quality.

Overtime, I thought of few more things that could be appended to the list.. Here is the list, with few things repeated from the Joel test..

  • What are the programming languages you work on? Which one is the most predominant?
  • Laptop or Desktop system?
  • Configuration?
  • How frequently do you make builds?
  • Unit/Integration tests coverage?
  • How frequently do you release to production?
  • Hosted on cloud or private servers on datacentre?
  • What are the software that you use regularly?
  • Have you bought any software? Please mention them and reason to buy them.
  • Google/Zoho apps or Office docs?
  • Which bug-tracking tool do you use?
  • Do you use a project management tool? Which one?
  • what source control tool do you use?
  • Do you have continuous integration/deployment? If yes, which tool do you use?
  • Cubicles or open office?
  • Do you provide Lunch?
  • Snacks?
  • Coffee or Cool-drinks?
  • Do you have UI professional in-house?
  • Do you have QA folks?
  • Do you have a business analyst/product manager to work on customer/product requirements?

The list comes from some of my experiences of working with development organizations.. Please feel free to suggest some of your own items to add to the list.

Lets conduct a survey and try to see how Indian companies rate on this list..

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