Nasscom Product Conclave takeaways

Here are few of my primary takeaways from the event in no particular order..

1. Vivek Wadhwa live..

This one’s obvious. I’ve been a fan of his research and his thoughts for quite some time now. It was great to have his presence there. The sheer candid nature and knowledge of the man is fantastic. He’s not always correct, but the good thing is.. he doesn’t try to be.

2. “Company needs a different management team when its $5M than when it is $500M. Sometimes you have to let people go.”

As an Entrepreneur, you need to be rational about your decisions about your organization. Can’t be very emotional about it. This statement was courtesy Sharat Saran, CEO ON24

3. “Selling is a major function for Entrepreneurs.”

Its not an option really. Entrepreneurs have to be good at selling their idea. If not, should learn it. Replacing this deficiency by hiring a VP-Sales is not a good option at all.

4. “Never sell wrong stuff to people.”

Absolutely. Do not sell people what they don’t need. This model is not scalable. At times, it is better to say “Our product doesn’t really fit your requirement.” If you’re nice enough you can follow up by saying “Here are a few products which can help you with your need… “. You’re building lot of credibility and trust for yourself.

5. “Every employee is your salesperson.”

Every interface that your company has with external world leaves impression. Impressions about your company, people and product. Its essential that every employee of yours understands the true values of your company and exhibits that in his interactions.

6. “Indians have a higher chance of success at their venture”

Since Indians are flexible to change and accomodate/adjust to situations relatively more easily to their western counterparts, the chances of them achieving success is fairly high. Only thing keeping them from it is giving it a shot.

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