Pitch the dream, not the job!!

Startup hiring is one of the most interesting and humane part of the whole starting up experience. Not something that companies do very well, though.

I’ve seen startup founders feel very apologetic when discussing career options with an employed person. The discussions go like “We wouldn’t be able to pay your current salary”, etc. etc.

Once you’re apologetic yourself, think of what the other guy thinks of you. I’ve been in such situations myself and can say that they’re not the most comfortable situations to be in.

Let’s change the scene a bit.

Founder pitch:

I can offer you a “life changing experience” which your current job is not capable of.

What I have to offer is the “thrill, dynamism, new identity” which your current job cannot provide.

Think of an environment “non-bureaucratic, filled with energy, enthusiasm, challenge, camaraderie”.. Think of us.

And guess what.. I’m paying you for all this.

I mean.. yeah.. why should you be apologetic about offering a lifetime opportunity..

Sell the dream.. Pitch the prospects.. not just the job.

[Shameless self-promotion]

Wanna join us at Orbis.. Send me a mail at satyan[at]orbismedia.in with details of yourself (less fluff, more code..) Thanks.

5 thoughts on “Pitch the dream, not the job!!

  1. I’d recommend being careful with this one though: for example, programmers don’t react well to marketing hype – and an overly “pitched” interview usually masks a bad (or at least badly defined) position.

    1. Indeed, given that the vast majority of the pitches are thinly disguised messages of :

      “I want you to work yourself to death for my idea, which you must love it for no reason and give up your life for it. Once I’ve made millions …….. I *might* raise your pay over the minimum wage. Meantime, you must engage with fanatical desire to work though the night while I’m asleep to realise my dream for me, which I will change every time I learn about something new.”

      Or the other common scenario is the technology has been outsourced on the cheap “and it’s just building widgets, there is no mystery or need for quality in code”. And you are being asked to come in and “just do the last mile” or “It just needs a bit of a polish” and it’s utter carnage build by cowboy hackers and falling apart. And now they need real Engineers.

      As with anything, go in with your eyes open and what ever questions you are asked, make sure you ask ten back and twice as hard till you get to the bottom of it, and the real truth of the matter.

      “marketing hype” Suits need us developers a lot more than we need them, make sure you remember that.

  2. I agree with the view point of author here,I would like to add few things here.

    Pitching a dream is good and appointee must also realize that any lifetime opportunity would demand tenacity to get rewards from it.

    Start up employer should be transparent enough to give clear picture to the Candidate and candidate should also have clear idea of what a start up job means.

    One side it is very challenging, stressful, time consuming,etc… on the other hand it give you high of working on something which will make direct impact on many people’s life.

    If you don’t want your employer to look at cheque before signing it then stop wearing a watch when you work in a start-up. Time should decide what you should be doing you should not decide the time.

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