Sprint or Marathon.. What’s your model?

I’ve observed a basic difference when it comes to a sprinter and a marathon runner thats very relevant to a business ecosystem.

A sprint is a short distance run, fastest one wins. Speed is the most important attribute. Competition at its best.

When you observe a sprint, you’d typically see 10-12 athletes who’re running individually to beat the other one to the finish point. They don’t look at each other at all except after the end of the race. The key thing here is.. they don’t rely on each other much.

A marathon is however a longer run and tests your stamina, endurance and sustainable speed. It is competition, but of a different nature.

When you observe a marathon, you’d see groups running together for most of the distance. Its only at the end that people move away from the group. Running with each other helps athletes psychologically where they feel part of a group. They draw strength from each other in an implicit manner. They form a support system.

How is your business model structured?

If you’re running alone, is your business of sprint nature? if not.. see if being in right group can help you. Form a group of companies which offer similar services/products and benefit from each other without affecting the competing agreements. Share your knowledge to younger folks and encourage your fraternity to grow. It’ll only help you in the long run.

If you’re in sprinting business.. practice hard, run hard.

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