Emails are just getting hotter!!

Just when you thought Emails are losing their feet and better tools are replacing them, comes a host of applications on top of common emails. You’d agree with me when I say, there’s no bigger database than emails and if that data is studied properly, would reveal a lot about the person starting from personal stuff to professional. His taste in music, movies, choice of friends, business interests, job interests.. name a thing. Its available in the mail account.

This is what I’ve come across lately..

1. Rapportive

Excellent tool. You typically have social applications asking for emails to import your friends. Reverse it now. That’s rapportive for you.

You need to hover over the email id of the person in gmail and you can see the social profile of the person in different applications like linkedin, twitter, myspace, etc. Many CRM tools have tried to do this, in the bracket of Social CRM. But this tool integrates seamlessly with your email and nothing better than that.

It makes good use of the otherwise useless ad area. Is very unobtrusive and intuitive at the same time.

2. Priority Inbox

Always wanted a tool that would show you only the most important messages to read. Typically, you do it through labels and multiple inbox.. but nothing better than the email client filtering it for you. I’ve been extremely impressed with the simplicity of the feature, though not a very simple feature if you come to think of it. Certainly a move in the right direction.

Two excellent tools here.. and there are many more out there to make your email experience better.

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