Who do you have in your team?

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Every now and then you come across a colleague who fits right into a stereotype. Let me try describing a few of them here..

The yes guy.

The guy never has a problem with anything. He’s at peace with everything in life.  There’s not a single negative bone in the guy.

Delivery is not assured though. Sometimes you wonder, does he really think before answering at all..

The no guy.

He’s an exact opposite of our “Yes Guy”. He almost always comes with a negative answer to a situation. Sometimes he himself doesn’t know why he’s objecting to a solution, but he objects nevertheless.

The reasons could range from wanting to be heard to absolute clueless. But he has to object.

The invisible guy.

The guy who’s never really around. He works at inhuman times. Doesn’t believe in discussing to bring about solutions.

Only reason he’s not fired is because he has a proven track-record of solving complex problems.

The innovator

The guy who pops up new ideas left, right and center. Anything conventional is just boring. He jumps around at anything new. Lets do the new library by that community, Lets move to the new version of the api.. Left to him, he’d be redesigning the solution every month with one of his new tools.

The problem guy.

“I once used this library and faced many issues.. I don’t seem to remember. But, it doesn’t work”. This is a typical statement from our Problem guy. He’s done it all and exposed them all. He knows problems in anything and everything that we use. Very handy at times, but really annoying otherwise.

The social guy.

The guy who can’t think beyond 140 chars. Always looking for things that he can put on his profile. For him, this is the augmented reality which he uses to build his social profile. You’d see him most of the times on his twitter or facebook account. Has more conversations there than within the team.

The lawyer.

The person who can debate on everything. He loves to talk. Loves to challenge the decisions. He doesn’t necessarily believe in his argument, but still goes about for the sake of it.

For him, the debate is more important than the solution itself. He thrives in discussions..

The Buzzword guy

Lets write a mobile app in functional language with a light-weight nosql db and deploy its data on the cloud”. Statements full of buzzwords are a signature of such people. He thrives on latest. Reads up any blogpost and tweet posted lately. Always upto date and keeps looking at newer buzzwords. Can’t construct a sentence without them.

We all play one of these roles interchangeably.. But frankly, this diversity is what a team is all about. If all were the same, it’d be pretty mundane

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