Going to office or going to work?

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Really, where are you going?

I’ve been thinking about this for quite a while now..

I spend about 1 hour 15 minutes to reach my office from home. That makes it about 2 and 1/2 hours daily.  On a five-day week, this sums to 12.5 hours (equivalent to 1.5 days of work). So as per figures, I lose 1.5 days of work time per week for a totally non-productive thing.

Now add money into the equation, if my per-day salary is about 2k, i’m losing 12k on a monthly basis (which is 1/4th of my overall salary). Thats significant money and time. Quite significant.

Ok. Enough of numbers. So.. why do we then go to office?

I’m of a firm opinion that it is absolutely essential that we utilize this time more effectively. And, it’s not just me. I see more and more companies are realizing this and are offering a alternative plan to their employees. Some even feel that offices would be “history” in few years to come.

We need to make some major changes to our mental setup to change this..

1. Need to identify better ways to measure work.

2. Communication facilities need to improve

3. Need better planning

4. Need to be sensible about collaboration and utilize time more effectively

5. Need to get more self-organized and self-employed style.

Of course, I agree that all nature of work do not permit this. But especially in software, its absolutely perfect. Infact, there’s a whole industry which works on remote communication. It certainly can work and work well..

Let’s stop going to offices. Let’s start going to work.

2 thoughts on “Going to office or going to work?

  1. Yes dude! so true! so much money and time on a non-productive activity is such a waste of time and energy. this is my situation 1.5 hours to reach office, that’s 15 hours a week, and 15K per month ( ~1/3 sal) 😦

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