Decision-making and organizations..

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Let me jump directly to the topic. Recently we’ve been discussing about how to make organization level decisions, which would effect all the employees.

Its always a tricky thing to do.. Since any organization is a heterogeneous mix of people and chances of a particular decision attracting everyone is fairly low, it becomes even more interesting.

Well.. here’s an interesting solution:

Recently, I asked our CTO a question. The question was about our organization developing a technical product, the answer to which was absolutely amazing to me..

She answered that we haven’t made a decision to make a product due to various reasons, prime one being our people are not discussing about it.

This was absolutely amazing.

I made a few inferences of this one, here are they:

1. When organizations make decisions that their people need, you have multiple advantages.

People are naturally inclined with the decision, and its easier to motivate people to make it more effective. On the other side, when decisions are taken without considering the people, they mostly fall flat on their faces.

2. It is also important to cultivate a culture of discussing important things.

The change wouldn’t have to be made from management side only, the employees are as much responsible for the decisions as the managers. Once you have people expressing their opinions in a much clearer format and are debated on various forums, its easier to understand the pulse of the organization. Hence the decision-making process improves.

This is one of the best ways to affect decisions in a democratic way..

Have a happy time making decisions.. 🙂

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