planning to redo my website..

Its been a while since I worked on my site thats located at, So I thought why not update that with some of the stuff I’ve been doing currently. Designing a personal site is lot of fun, generally. Especially mine.

The first time I started with my site, came out pretty horrible of which pictures I can’t share :). However things have improved since and the last site before the current one was pretty decent. Initially I started with lot of things on the page and then ended up minimalizing it and keeping it very simple. Simplicity is something that I’ve come to appreciate over the period of time.

Few months back, I was reworking on that and tried GWT 1.5 to build it with some jazz. It came out fairly decent.  Though some of the things like clicking on images were not very intuitive and not many users clicked on images to get the description text.

This time, I’m planning to use contrasting colours to the ones currently and make it more picturous.. In a week or two, it should be ready and lets see how it looks..

I’ll be posting couple of snapshots and looking forward to some valuable feedback. Thanks.