I don’t need a Lead Management System because..

This is a collection of reasons that we’ve got from some of our prospects whom we approached for a lead management system.

It’s surprising, in this day and age, people are still shying away from embracing technology to smoothen out their business. OK, so lets cut the chase and get to the reasons:

1. It’s good but it’s costly.
CRMs were costly, a decade ago. Currently, they’re as accessible as a mobile phone or an internet connection. Also, with the SaaS offerings, it is extremely easy to own a Lead Management System.

2. It takes lot of time.
That needs a rethink of strategy. An average lead management system saves about 30% time in administrative tasks performed by a salesperson. Also it is proved that it also increases the efficiency of a sales team in long run.

3. I can manage my leads without it.
Its a different question when you only get dozens of leads per month. In that case, you really need to think if the business is viable.. leave alone the managing part. Anything above that, you surely need to have a lead management system.

Well.. A lot of people are moving on to better ways of managing leads. Hope these businesses too catch up..

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LeadSimplified is one such offering in the Lead Management space that helps you keep a track of all your leads and convert more leads into deals.

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