You probably shouldn’t vote!!!

You probably shouldn’t vote!!!

1. Voting means taking time out of your precious schedule.
2. Voting means you don’t really know if your vote will be majority.
3. Voting means going standing in line (in this heat)
4. Voting means leaving your comfort of the home.
5. Voting means you are one of the many (not special)
6. Voting doesn’t bring you any recognition.
7. Voting probably doesn’t give you any satisfaction.
8. Voting gets your finger dirty (the mark stay for few days)
9. Voting means feeling embarassed that you’re not cool.
10.Voting makes you look embarassingly mature. (Being young and mature is so not cool..)
11.Voting means you actually care about other people. (Not the roadies way.. they don’t care about anything/anyone)

Voting is for people who..

1. Believe they can make a difference to the society.
2. Respect other individuals and believe in accepting their opinion.
3. are responsible about their duties to their country.
4. are matured.
5. love their family.
6. want India to be the best country in the world.
7. want everything around them to be world class.
8. want peace and prosperity around themselves and throughout the country.
9. really believe in the country and its heritage.
10. really believe in humanity.

You.. Yes you.. shouldn’t be voting. be cool.

Just have a look at some insane people.. What are they doing? LOL Voting..