Online tools for a startup

As with any other bootstrapping startup, we’re constantly looking at different tools which can help us maximize our productivity at the same time keeping the expense in mind.

Being a product development company, the needs are more technical in nature.. Apart from that, there are other operational needs as well.

Let me summarize some of the best tools that we use:

1. Bug Tracking / Wiki / Project management : FogBugz (

Fogbugz has been generous enough to offer a free plan for startups. We use the online version to manage our issues.

Its one of the best Project Management tool available. Some of the features are absolutely top of the world. We use it for Wiki and task distribution as well.

Inspite all this, we only utilize 50 – 60% of the features.

2. Leave Management :

A great tool to manage all your employees leave and organization holidays. Online tool, hence giving the flexibility of location.

3. Sales/Marketing Automation : Lead Simplified (

One of the better lead management systems around for SMEs and Enterprises alike. Online tool enables marketing/sales team to access the data from anywhere. Great flexibility to have for a growing organization specially.

Some of the features like Dashboard, Lead Routing, Checklist, Enquiry Process History, Lead Scoring add the required sophistication into our whole sales and marketing system.

(PS : we’re the creators of this application, hence no cost)

4. Web Demos / Desktop sharing : Team Viewer (

Very easy tool for sharing desktops and conducting web demos.

5. Presentations :

Slideshare is a great community which has literally redefined the usage of powerpoint to drive a presentation.

6. Demo Videos :

Its a no-brainer.

7. Customer Feedback :

We literally started at the same time as this startup. The tool is excellent as well.

8. Video Messages :

Look at their Beta release to get some information. Cool tool.

9. Development tools:

Eclipse, SVN, Firefox, Firebug, SQLYog, WinSCP, Putty, fireftp.

Still looking for::

1. Online Code sharing tool. (looking at few options)
2. Online team collaboration tool. (something like twitter locally, looking at few options)
3. Online invoicing/billing system.
4. Online Client Subscription management system.
5. Online client testimonial system.

Shall continue review of some tools later…

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