Programming is just a fancy way of typing! There is some truth in it..

Programming and Typing
Programming and Typing

Few months back, I had one of my friends (with an MBA) say that programming is just a fancy way of typing. At that moment, it created a bit of an argument.. Though at a later point I tend to agree with him to some extent (not completely though)

Lot of programmers concentrate of various aspect of programming like problem solving, IDE, logical reasoning, syntax, languages, etc. Many of them forget that typing is an extremely essential part of programming as well..

Have you ever seen a biker, who likes oil, wind, helmet but is struggling in handling the motorbike? Have you seen a cricketer who struggles to hold the bat, but scoring heavy runs?

The answer is NO. If programming is your profession, you have to take to keyboard as a duck takes to pond.

A good programmer is a very efficient typist. (reverse is not true though)

Lot of people would agree that the speed of their thoughts run much faster than what our fingers can keep up with. But, with constant practice and application this can be improved.

So go ahead and look for typing test in google. and test your speed right away. Mine is about 75 words per minute. I know its not the fastest, I’m working towards it too.. Lets reach 100 soon.

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