Video messages, the new way of getting closer to customer.

Salesperson autopilot
Salesperson autopilot

Getting close to customer and building a rapport is an extremely important part of any sales process. Being a online startup that we are, it is extremely difficult to be present physically in front of clients.. the constraints being travel costs, time, etc.

We were looking for different ways we can get closer to the customer. The traditional ways are emails, newsletters and phone calls. We wanted something more.. Then came this idea of video messages.

We are getting started with videos as one of our sales tools. The idea is as following:
1. Once a user registers, we send them a personalized video message made by one of our salesperson. Since its experimental, it is usually accompanied by a welcome email as well.
2. Nurturing the lead is also done in video format.

Benefits we expect:
1. Customers feel much more secure looking at a real person.
2. Gives us a great first impression, which traditional methods like emails and phone calls would not be able to achieve.
3. Would communicate our values better than traditional methods.

In the coming few months, we would be concentrating on generating much more friendlier and customer focussed video messages. Lets see how it manages to affect our relation with our prospects..

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