Terrific Twitter Tips

Follow these tips for maximum networking benefits through Twitter.

1. Branch out: Don’t settle for tweeting with only those in your address book. Search for people with similar interests and people in your industry or city.

2. Don’t just offer your content: By joining the greater conversation, you’ll make more meaningful relationships.

3. Be engaged: Tweet often so you don’t get forgotten.

4. Search for the right people: Conduct a Twitter search for conversations you’d be able to help with or that advertise jobs.

5. Follow who your friends follow: Check out who you’re friends are following and sending @ messages to. They’ll get the connection and probably have something in common with you, too.

6. Follow people back: You don’t have to follow every single person who follows you back, but make a point to follow a good percentage of them.

7. Link to others: Tweet other people’s blog posts and links to spread the love and catch the attention of industry leaders.

8. Promote yourself: Post links to your work and don’t be afraid to promote yourself in a responsible, non-annoying way.

9. Share using @: Include your most wanted Twitterers in a conversation by using @ and then their name. They’ll notice you, too.

10. Tweetup: Suggest a Twitter happy hour or picnic to meet your local Twitter friends and extend your networking opportunities.

For more.. http://www.mbajobs.net/blog/2009/50-terrific-twitter-tips-for-job-seekers/

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