Teams & Leaders

Teams & Leaders
Teams & Leaders

We’ve always heard about teams and leaders. Always wonder what is the relation.

Can a team not succeed if it does not have a leader?

Why do we always speak about one leader for a team?

These are questions that have been answered multiple times in the past and the answers keep varying every 5 to 10 years. The time and age that we are right now, the conventional leadership model of the past, where one person takes care of all the decisions, would not be effective.

The age is about having multiple leaders in a team at different levels playing different roles. In the experiences I’ve had personally as well as looking at the successful teams in the current scenario, it shows that teams which have multiple leaders are succeeding better than a single person led team.

The age is about identifying the right person and giving autonomy for the particular division.

The challenge here identifying the right person. Good teams/corporates groom such people.

The major challenge though is the autonomy part which many are not comfortable. Even the large corporates struggle with this part of the problem. I believe its a mindset, a mental set up, for the organization. Its about clear definition of roles.

Future teams would be following this model, like professional football teams, where you’d have leaders at different levels with specific responsibilities and they’d have a co-ordinator/manager to take care of the convergence.

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