Problems and Solutions

The way I see it, both problems and solutions have lot of things in common. They are both similar. Hence they should be treated in the same way (which rarely is the case). Let me demonstrate..

Problems & Solutions
Problems & Solutions

How do we face a problem?
1. We think about the problem. Think long and hard. Try to identify the possible solutions.
2. We share the problems and our proposed variations with others. This lets you believe that you’re only human and there are things beyond you.
3. We finally get to a solution and aha! there you are.

In actuality, it doesn’t/shouldn’t end there. Why.. please follow:

How should we face a solution?
4. We should think hard about the solution. Think long and hard. Try to identify possible problems with the solution.
5. We should share the solution and discuss the drawbacks with people. Again proving that there are things external to you.
6. Try to make a list of problems.

Now for each problem repeat step 1 to 3. and for each solution repeat step 4 to 6.

For the perfectionists, don’t take it to the last possible permutation and combination. Please keep the iterations to a limited number depending on the constraints of time and priority.

After all this effort, what you get is a refined, well-thought solution (with probably a list of problems attached).

What you know is a solution and its limitations.

Now ask any expert. Thats priceless. Thank you.

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