This is a keyword in current times and most of the technical and people related advancements are happening around this exact word. I thought why not share some of the things I feel about the usage of this thought. Things that I see around and observe is presented here in textual format.

Technology and Personalization

Gone are the days where technologies used to dictate how it was supposed to be utilized. With the increasing awareness of people, it becomes extremely important that technology meets people’s demands.. not one particular group or one particular region, everyone. Thats what it is now.. everyone. He might be living in alaska or turkey. He wants the technology to do exactly what he wants. Thats the challenge for technology. I am not sure where we are as technology people to satisfy that kind of a demand, but yes the start is acknowledging this particular demand.

People Management and Personalization

This is one of the things thats been talked about a lot in recent times. With amount of attrition and dissatisfaction, it becomes very important topic for current organizations. I’d like to present my views on this, both from an employee as well as an employer perspective having done both in recent times.

One of the essential things about people management is to know what exactly people want. Then figure out what we can offer as an organization. People’s demands keep varying from time to time, from person to person, depending on various factors. So what it indirectly means is we cannot have a policy that can work for every individual working in our organization. There comes the word personalization. We’ll have to make our structure flexible enough, to an extent where people can arrange it in a manner which they want to.

Some of the things to look at are the package structure, work environment, work timings, dress code, working set, leave management, perks and the list goes on..

We at Quads are looking to improve on some of the items listed above to the best of our capability and we are getting to know that to bring flexibility into the process needs lot more effort than mere implementation of those.

Some of my future articles would discuss about the things that we do at our place and parallelly discuss the implementation details of each.

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