Lead Management System vs. CRM

To a lay person, the two solutions are similar. But for a marketing/sales manager, these are two are different worlds altogether. Below is a brief..

The essential difference is the difference between a “prospect” and a “customer”.

A prospect is one who hasn’t yet taken your product/service.

Customer is one who has already taken your product/service.

Now its natural that managing these two entities would be very different.

Some of the prime differences are:

1. With a prospect, you’d require much smoother followups.

2. A prospect requires more frequent interactions.

3. The ways in which you reach a prospect is much more than how you reach a customer.

4. A professional face is extremely important to a prospect, since mostly it would be the first impression that would be defining the outcome.

A complete CRM solution, helps you work with your customers. Though converting “prospects” to “customers” needs special attention and a tailor-made solution.

A Lead Management System should help you keep a track of your leads, assign them to right people & help you follow-up at the right time and make the most of every lead you get.

In an effort to cater to this need, we at Quads have come up with a solution called Lead Simplified(www.leadsimplified.com).

Its a simple to use and neat solution, tailored for Indian Market.

Well.. Every business knows that prospects come first.

via Trends : Lead Management System vs. CRM.

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