Jumping off a cliff

Starting off a business is much like jumping off a cliff. Similar to a cliff, entrepreneurship presents fears and emotions which prohibit lots of us to take the jump.

I would like to present some of the fears / concerns that I had and would like to get your opinion on those..

I want to jump off a cliff, So..

1. How do I begin?

2. How do I choose my cliff?

3. Should I jump alone?

4. How do I make my jump easier? Should I have a waterbed / tied rope?

5. After I have jumped one cliff.. what should I do? jump another one? tell people how to jump?

Please feel free to share views.. humorous / serious / experiences.. all are welcome.

Need not be answers alone.. Can be more questions as well.

I would be collating the best views and publish it for lots of people like me who are looking for answers for the same..

via Insight : Jumping off a cliff.

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