Competition vs. Collaboration

One would wonder why the title reads competition “vs” collaboration. Let me try and explain. The fact is that competition is inevitable. There would always be competition in any field.

Competition vs. Collaboration
Competition vs. Collaboration

Then why does the word collaboration feature in the title? Well.. the nature and the fierceness of the competition changes with time. Right now, the time is to take competition to the next level. In clear terms, collaboration with right brands, right partners, keeps you ahead of competition. The current age is not about remaining individual and trying to do everything by oneself. It is about finding the right people, right brand which helps you fill gaps in your organization. There are quite a few real world examples in contemporary world where collaboration has helped smaller companies challenge even bigger ones on their territory.

As a small company, a startup that Quads is right now, we look to collaborate with likeminded people, companies which can add value and fill gaps for our organization. This has certainly helped us in getting an edge over similar companies, and we’re looking at extending the similar approach in future days to come as well.

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